Summer of Data 2017 (Third Event)


The third event of the Summer of Data 2017 will be held on Monday 21st August.

 Time  Activity
 11:45  Welcome (Dr Özgür Akgün)
 12:00  Wikidata for Research: Enabling Open Science and Resource Discovery (Dr Ewan McAndrew)
 12:30  Challenges in creating a viable Arts research project enabling the study of a large data set (Dr Clive R Sneddon)
 13:00  Lunch
 14:00  Spatial point processes — theory and practice
(Dr Janine B Illian)
 14:30  Working with high-throughput sequencing data using a genomic ordered relational database architecture (Dr Hákon Guðbjartsson)
 15:00  Coffee
 15:00  Discussion
 16:00  End of day


Room 1.33A
Jack Cole Building
School of Computer Science
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9SX