Sketching Interactive Visualizations

Gonzalo Mendez & Miguel Nacenta, April 4, 2016

Gonzalo Mendez and Miguel Nacenta, both visualization researchers at the School of Computer Science will lead the discussion on

Sketching Interactive Visualizations
We are currently exploring visualization tools that support the informal and lightweight sketching of interactive visualizations from different sources, beyond traditional database-like documents.
As part of this exploration we have developed iVoLVER, a visualization tool that provides a visual programming environment where data can be extracted from different digital artifacts (bitmap charts, web pages, photographs, SVGs, CSV files) and then used to compose new interactive visualizations.
In the current stage of our research, we are investigating how different audiences could benefit from our tool. In particular, we are interested in discussing what kind of scenarios within the Digital Humanities could be supported by iVoLVER. What data sources could be of interest to build visualizations in our system and what features are still needed to support visual analyses on them?

Location and Time:
April 4, 2016, 12-1pm; United College Room 31.