DH Critical Mass 2015 & 2016

Chewing over Research Methods & Approaches in a Digital World

DH Critical Mass at Lunchtime is an informal bi-weekly discussion series for people from the sciences and humanities to share insights, ideas, and frustrations around research methods and approaches. The idea of Critical Mass is to provide a platform for ongoing informal discussions in the area of (digital) humanities, data intensive research and beyond.

A typical DH Critical Mass meeting starts with a brief (20 min.) presentation of a tool, idea, (research) method, or general topic of interest, which then leads into a general discussion.

DH Critical Mass is organized by Konrad Lawson (School of History) and Uta Hinrichs (School of Computer Science). Everybody – students, researchers, faculty, practitioners – is welcome to join and actively participate by attending the meet-ups and share ideas and suggestions. Email us if you would like to kick off the discussion on a tool/idea/method/topic that you are interested in.

Sign up to our mailing list to stay tuned on upcoming DH Critical Mass events. Just send an email to sympa[at]st-andrews.ac.uk with SUBSCRIBE dh-criticalmass in the subject (or message body). If you have trouble signing up to the mailing list, drop us an email and we will add you.

We would like DH Critical Mass to be actively shaped by everyone, so let us know if you have ideas for activities and events around research and practice at the intersection of science and humanities.

Konrad Lawson (kml8[at]st-andrews.ac.uk) and Uta Hinrichs (uh3[at]st-andrews.ac.uk)