IDIR Summer Workshop #3

04.09.2018 Text and Image Processing, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Reproducibility

The schedule will be

11.00 Invited talk Fabrice Issac
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Talks
14.30 Coffee
15.00 End

All of the talks will be in the Jack Cole Building in room 1.33a.

Invited Talk:

Fabrice Issac (Paris 13, laboratoire Textes Théories Numérique)
Computer-aided analysis of mediaeval French text: semantics, morphology and orthographic variation



Al Dearle
BitBlaster: A fast complete similarity search algorithm (Slides)

Kasim Terzic
Automatic Centre Detection in Images (Slides)

Silvia Paracchini
The St Andrews Bioinformatics cluster