Text mining and copyright law

Does copyright law pose problems for research that makes use of text mining?

Alice Crawford, our University copyright co-ordinator, has been asked to provide a briefing paper on the legal situation in the UK, US and EU with regard to text and data mining, and also to see if there are examples of St Andrews researchers who may have encountered difficulties with restrictions currently imposed by the laws in this area.

(You may be aware that the Copyright Designs and Patents Act (1988) s.29A now enables UK researchers to copy a work in order to analyse it using text and data mining technologies without risk of infringement as long as the analysis is for the purpose of non-commercial research and the researcher already has lawful access to the copyright work in question.)

Is anyone aware of any difficulties it might be worth reporting? If so, please get in touch with Alice directly: ac101@st-andrews.ac.uk or 01334 462317.