Science + humanities lunchtime discussion series

Following up on the very successful IDIR Summer of V’s events, we are kicking off a more informal bi-weekly discussion series where we can continue conversations around interdisciplinary approaches to technology and data, from both a humanities and sciences perspective.

The first of these informal bring-your-own-lunch gatherings will take place on Monday, Oct. 5, 1-2pm at the Old Class Library, St John’s Lodge, South Street. In this first meeting Konrad Lawson (School of History) and Uta Hinrichs will present their perspective on the topic alongside the challenges and questions we have encountered from a history and computer science/information visualisation perspective.

PhD students, researchers, staff  — everybody interested in interdisciplinary research and the topics around it, e.g., collections & data, analysis methods & tools, teaching approaches, challenges and pitfalls is welcome to join.