Data Analytics with Matlab Seminar

A seminar that may be of interest.

Come along to this free seminar to learn how MATLAB can be used to accelerate algorithm development and exploration, and reduce development time for machine learning, image processing and computer vision applications. The talks will be delivered by experienced MathWorks engineers using live application examples.

Highlights include:

  • New features in MATLAB R2015a
  • Getting started with MATLAB: from using built-in Apps to automating analysis tasks programmatically
  • Advanced workflows, techniques to make sense of large and complex datasets
  • Live MATLAB examples for Data Analytics, Image Processing, and Computer Vision applications
  • Scale up and speed up MATLAB Analytics with Parallel and High Performance Computing
  • Integrate MATLAB applications into Desktop and production environments
Who Should Attend:
  • Academic and research staff of all MATLAB experience levels interested in data analytics, algorithm exploration and application deployment into real-world production environments