Summer of V’s: Visualising movement by Urska Demsar

The abstract and slides from Urska’s talk at the first Summer of V’s workshop.

Recent developments and ubiquitous use of global positioning devices have revolutionised movement analysis, as we are able to collect increasingly larger movement data sets at increasingly smaller spatial and temporal resolutions. This talk presents a brief overview of how movement data in form of trajectories are visualised and then focuses on 3D representations of movement using a Space-Time Cube (STC) representation. We introduce volumetric aggregations within an STC using 3D kernel densities and present three case studies. The first case study is in movement ecology, where space-time densities are used to visualise the space-time dynamics of bird movement. The second case study is in human-computer interaction, where we use space-time densities to visually compare interaction between eye and mouse trajectories, collected in usability experiments. Finally we outline the use of volumetric aggregation together with space-time prisms and 3D map algebra to integrate movement data with other data on environment within which the movement takes place.