IDIR brings together researchers from eight Schools across the University. Some of our members are solution-providers with expertise in different data-drive techniques; some are problem-providers with data-driven challenges; and many are both.

School of Biology

  • Dr Daniel Barker
  • Dr David Ferrier
  • Prof Oscar Gaggiotti
  • Prof Anne Magurran
  • Prof Tom Meagher
  • Dr V. Anne Smith

School of Chemistry

  • Prof Michael Buehl
  • Dr John Mitchell
  • Prof Doug Philp

School of Computer Science

  • Dr Adam Barker
  • Prof Al Dearle
  • Prof Simon Dobson
  • Prof Ian Gent
  • Dr Tom Kelsey
  • Prof Steve Linton
  • Prof Aaron Quigley
  • Shyam Reyal
  • Dr Alex Voss
  • Dr Juan Ye

School of History

  • Prof John Hudson
  • Dr Konrad Lawson

School of International Relations

  • Dr Javier Argomaniz
  • Prof Nicholas Rengger

School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Prof Steve Buckland
  • Prof David Dritschel
  • Dr Herbert Früchtl
  • Prof Nik Ruskuc

School of Medicine

  • Prof Candace Currie
  • Prof Stephen Gillespie
  • Dr Matt Holden
  • Dr Silvia Parrachini

School of Physics and Astronomy

  • Prof Andrew Collier Cameron
  • Dr Alexander Scholtz
  • Dr Vivienne Wild